Below are some pictures of projects worked on.  Most are for sale if still available, please contact me for details.  Thanks!

One of my favorites. Jack Daniels, on a block of wood, hang or lean it.
Dog leash and treat holder with a silhouette of your pooch
Swing batta batta swing!

Inspired by friend and neighbor Daniel Belardinelli to paint this. Acrylic paint, about 8×10. The DOW breaks 20,000 a few days ago, painted on front page of WSJ. I call it “Greedy Pigs”. Don’t the pigs look worried?

Custom road sign.

Andrea Doria on old pallet wood.

I can customize this sign with any name on the top, along with different background colors. Great present for your man cave, basement, gym, etc…Check out my “Shop” page to purchase.